About Paul Duan

Fourteen years on factory site, twenty years around patio furniture have allowed Paul Duan to learn from all aspects of the industry from designing a synthetic wicker yarn to a glamour setup by a beach house, or to standardize all bolts into one generic size to totally simplify customer service. Paul is one of the few factory-grown designers who connects many dots (design, trend, engineering, cost, quality, material, Ecom, customer service, warehouse, merchandising, retail, social media) and create a product brand as well as a business that bring unique values to the market place.

Paul has long observed and wanted to fill in the gap of design and price points for the commercial outdoor market, especially when the market needs more clean and simple, and yet mature and solid designs built to last. After two years of preparation, he rolled out this quick-ship program Paulduan Creations, with limited offerings for the commercial/hospitality communities, dropship from his 3PL warehouse in Ontario, California.

Designers like Richard Frinier, Philippe Starck, and Richard Schultz are some who Paul looks up to as designers, but ancient Chinese and American Western poets, musicians, and most importantly mother nature and the passion of  everyday people are his best teachers. "Stay humble, Stay Solid, Stay sharp" is his constant reminder for both designing and running a business.

Paul now lives in Southern California. Other than R&D trips and world-travel schedules, he is a frequent traveler along Route #395 to the Eastern Sierra mountains for his landscape photography and design inspirations.